Do you know about “Go To Travel Campaign”?

You might get refund for your trip fee!!

If you live in Japan, you could be subject to this campaign, even if you are not Japanese.


For example...

If you stay at hotel and the accomodation fee is 20,000 yen, you will get discount of 50%, 10,000 yen.


Actually, in detail, you will get discount of accomodation fee for 7,000 yen.

You also will get vouchers for 3,000 yen.



I know this is a little bit complicated..:(


"Go To Travel Champaign" will start from July 22, 2020.

Do you know what "Go  To Travel Champaign" is?


This time, I will introduce the summary of "Go To Travel Champaign"



July 22, 2020 ~ 2021(End date will be decided)



・All residents in Japan

※7/17 update:The following is not covered:

 ・Residents in Tokyo

 ・Travels to Tokyo



The same price as 50% of the fee for accomodations and day trip in Japan are supported.


70% out of this 50% is allocated to the disscount of the fee for  accomodations and day trips.

And 30% out of this 50%  is distribueted as gift vouchers. 


・The limit ammout

 Accomodations:20,000 yen per person, per day

    Day trip :10,000 yen per person


You can use these supports with no limitation.


Gift vouchers distribution will start on September 1,2020.

If you go travel before September 1, you will not get Gift vouchers.

Only discont for accomodations is available.


The gift voucher is 1000 yen each.(You cannot get changes.)

You can use this vouchers in the destination only during the tirp. 


The accomodation fee or tour fee are subject to  "Go to travel" support.

So that private trips with car, flight, or bullet train is not covered.


ex) If you go on day trip with a car, your accomodation fee will be discounted, but high way fee or petrol fee will not.


If you go on day trip, it will be better to find a tour.


This campaign is applicable with trips after july 22, 

so if you have already booked accomodation or tour in the term, you can get a discount.


※Usually when you book them on web site, it seems to show discounted prices.


If you book before discounted, you will get a refunds directly with the following procedures.


①Application to the office (you need the following documents to apply)

・Application form (the form is available on the administrative office web site or in the accomodations etc.)


・Certification of stay (It is availble in the each accomodation you stay)

・Concent for the treatment of the personal data(the form is available on the administrative office web site or in the accomodations etc.)

→Submit via mail or on Web site to the office


②Refunds from the office via:

・bank transfer, Credit card transfer etc


 ■Ministry of tourism

more detail about Go To Campaign

On this ocation, why don't you enjoy domestic trip being sure to be carefule for COVID19!